I just dropped half our household at household (due to the move) at the local women’s shelter.

* 1 box of DVDs
* 1 box of Books
* 1 box of Womens Clothing
* 1 box of Childrens clothing
* 2 boxes of Toys
* 1 box of Food (Rice, Pasta, Beans, …)

It made me feel acutely uncomfortable, because I felt the intense feeling of dislike rolling of these women mixed with fear and chuzpa and…

I watched these three slight women wrestle with these heavy and huge boxes that I had trouble with when loading. They seemed like the ant carrying the apple in the cartoons, except without any of the grace of the ant.

Suppressing my instinct to just pick up a box and carry it in I found it a challenge to accept that I was not welcome in their lair. Yet the fact that such places are needed is made abundantly clear by the radiating suspicion of these women.

This is likely the only situation I have actually experienced where I could glimpse what any minority experiences full force: the combination of overt welcome and covert distrust and dislike.

So while I would discourage white males to go around the local women’s shelter for the experience, if you ever get the chance then pay attention to all the subliminal things going on. It can be a learning experience.

Warning: Legal Geeking Ahead!

It’s really worth while reading the decisions in these two cases from July 22nd 2014. Both are regarding the same issue and on the same level.

One claims that the federally operated exchange is not “an exchange stablished by the state” and the second claims the exact opposite.

Why should you read them? Because as soon as you get to the merits section it becomes painfully obvious, that the author for the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia couldn’t find its ass with two hands. Rarely is such drivel being committed to paper. On the other hand the Court for the Fourth Circuit has judges that are capable of concise, explicative expression. This is actually a fun read, especially when you get to the concurring opinion by Senior Circuit Judge Davis who proceeds to, metaphorically, rip the appellants a new one.

Judge Davis Judge Davis has just become my hero.